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Who can help or advise me?

At Lights 4 You Ltd we are very experienced and knowledgeable about our products, we can advise you what different products we stock, their application, which products look good together, functions and any technical issues you may have. Please either call us on 01257 269885 or complete a Contact Us form and we will provide you with an answer by the next working day.

Do you have a brochure of your products?

All products we stock are detailed on the website, we do not have an extensive range of product and as our website can be view on laptop, tablet or phone there is no need to issue a brochure.

Do you deliver to the Republic of Ireland and Europe?

Yes we do, delivery charges are shown on the website, all orders over £40 are delivery free of charge with certain exclusions so please check on our delivery section before you place your order.

Can you deliver next day?

For orders received by 12pm the following day orders can be dispatched for delivery 2 to 3 working days subject to stock. If delivery is required next working day this can be done for an additional charge.

What happens if I receive something which is faulty?

Please refer to the FAQ technical question and then contact us immediately via phone or e-mail and we will either replace or repair the item in question. All products are protected by a full twelve month warranty. Please see our returns policy.

Is it safe to order online with my credit card?

Yes! Lights 4 You Ltd uses the latest Secure Server Technology to ensure that all of your personal details and transactional information is protected. We store none of your personal credit card details but this information is securely and temporarily transferred via an encrypted network to the bank for authorisation and payment.

I would like a copy VAT invoice for my records?

When you place your order you will receive order confirmation and invoice which includes the VAT breakdown. If more detail is required please contact us via the Contact Us form on the website quoting your order reference and we will be happy to assist.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit and debit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Delta cards. We do not accept American Express, Laser cards or Paypal.

How do I return items I have purchased online?

Please see returns policy and complete online returns form

Technical FAQ’s

Which lights can go outside?

All our lights are listed in categories, either indoor or outdoor. All products are manufactured to a professional standard and the outdoor products are designed for long term use outdoors.

What does IP44 mean?

IP stands for Ingress Protection and lights rated IP44 or above means that these can be used outdoor and left out in all weather.

Why LED?

LED lights are more cost effective than standard rice bulbs, they use 90% less power and last up to 10X longer than standard rice bulbs. Lights 4 You Ltd only sells LED light sets.

What does fuse bulb mean?

When one bulb goes out then the rest will remain lit, all outdoor light sets sold by Lights 4 You Ltd have fuse bulbs.

Can I replace a bulb?

No, all bulbs are a sealed unit and cannot be replaced.

What accessories do I need for my light sets?

Every light set sold by Lights 4 You Ltd is ready to go! We do stock extension cables for each product as well as replacement controllers and power cords and gutter clips if required for Ice light. Please go to accessory section for further details.

My light set does not work, what can I do?

Each light set is checked before it is dispatched to check that the lights are in working order. If the light set is an outdoor product and you have more than one set and connected this to another set then you need to check the Polarity Diagram , remove the shrink tube from the connector(s) and turn connector(s) 180 degrees and this should resolve the issue. If the light set is still not working please contact Lights 4 You for further assistance.

My lights are very dim when lit, why?

The issue may be the rectifier and this will need to be replaced, please contact Lights 4 You for further assistance.

My controller for my Icicle lights are stuck on one function, what can I do?

The controller will need to be replaced, please contact Lights 4 You for a replacement. This only applies to new sets.

Can the controller unit be left outside?

This controller unit is IP44 rated, however we would suggest that this remains inside so that you can easily access the functions. We stock 5mtr extension cables if required to make this possible. If this is not possible then we would recommend that you put some bubble wrap (or similar) to protect the unit as damage may occur to the controller when it is knocked around in strong winds.

What is the little black box for on the end of the string light for?

This is an AC/DC rectifier and stabilizes the LED preventing the lights from flickering.

Can I connect more than one set?

Yes, all outdoor products stocked by Lights 4 You Ltd can have additional sets connected. Please see individual product description for the maximum amount of sets which can be connected.

I have purchased a light set from another retailer, can I connect these to ones bought from Lights 4 You Ltd?

No, only products sold by Lights 4 You Ltd can be connected together, if you do connect to another set from a different manufacturer then the warranty is void. All products sold by Lights 4 You Ltd have a specific design and connectors which are not compatible with any other suppliers.

Can the connectable lights be plugged into an outdoor socket?

Yes, each outdoor product comes with a moulded outdoor plug. Customers should ensure that they are using the correct outdoor socket and that this is shielded from the weather.

Can I hard wire the outdoor lights into my circuit box?

No any product that has had the plug removed will void the warranty.

I have attached my LED string lights/ Colour Changing lights / Bi Colour lights to my tree outdoor and now one section is not working, what can I do?

If you have more than one of the outdoor light sets and are connecting these together please ensure that these are working before you install them on the tree/ shrubs etc after you have connected them together, if they are not working then you need to check the polarity on the connectors. All our light sets are of professional quality and manufactured to the highest standard and can be left outside all year.

If you have done all of the above and one section is still not working then the cause maybe that a wire has been cut (by cable tie) or a bulb has been broken. Be careful when attaching the lights to the tree that the cable ties are not too tight so as to cut through the wire. The bulbs are extremely robust and will withstand nearly everything apart from standing on them. If you return a light set with a cut wire or broken bulb then we will not be able to issue a refund.

Lights 4 You Will not be liable for any costs arising if the customer has hired a professional installation company if the above points have not been followed.

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